Get Started | WheeMe™

Simply Intuitive


Press the Power/Mode button once.


Lie down with your back facing upward.


Place WheeMe on your back and relax!

Instant Relaxation

Had a hard day at the office or need to recharge? A little dose of WheeMe will perk you right up. Whether at home, work, or hotel, simply lie down and enjoy a sensational massage from your portable relaxation robot. With WheeMe, you’ve got an instant de-stresser that gets you back on your feet and feeling great in no time.

Sense the Pulse

WheeMe is designed to bring about a calm, restful state quickly and naturally. Mounted on four rubberized wheels, WheeMe delivers instant relaxation with ridges on the wheels that apply and release pressure alternatingly, sending pulses of stimulation to the central nervous system.

Simply Brilliant

WheeMe dissolves away tension and stress and augments wellbeing through sensory stimulation. As it moves over the body, WheeMe stimulates nerve endings on skin, which in turn send signals to the brain to release chemicals known as endorphins. A feel-good chemical, endorphins help to elevate the mood by reducing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

The Gift of Love

WheeMe makes the perfect gift to yourself or someone you care about. With a portable, lightweight form-factor and three interchangeable modes, it’s the only device you’ll ever need for instant relaxation, whether at home or on-the-road. But it’s more than just a stress-reliever. By stimulating the nervous system and encouraging the release of endorphins, WheeMe supports and promotes long-term wellbeing.

Take WheeMe for a Spin!

WheeMe is the most innovative solution in self-administered relaxation. With advanced features such as “Tingle Fingers” and Tilt-control Sensors, you can enjoy hours of relaxation anytime. Just switch on and choose your favorite mode and let WheeMe take over.

Relax with the first and only robot designed exclusively for relaxation.

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