FAQS | WheeMe™

What’s a WheeMe?

WheeMe is a palm-sized, massage robot that rolls over your body providing a sensation from the wheels and caressing by the rotating fingertip attachment. Both provide stress relief. A built in tilt sensor technology keeps Wheeme on your back. It will automatically back up when it senses it may fall off.   WheeMe works best on your body's large horizontal areas. Lie down and put WheeMe on your back or stomach. When activated, WheeMe will gently caress your body. To turn on press the power button, to determine what kind of stress relief you want press the mode button.
  1. Press the button once for Vibrating Massage – No fingertip feature
  2. Press twice for Relaxation Massage – add fingertip feature to top of product
  3. Press three times for Dancing Massage – No fingertip feature.
    • To change the roaming distance, hold the WheeMe vertical and press the mode button.
    • Fingertip feature is removable.
    • WheeMe will automatically turn off after your 15 minute stress relief sequence.
    • To turn off WheeMe completely press and hold the power button until both green and red lights flash.

What are the benefits of caressing massage?

The caressing massage helps to improve relaxation, reduce stress, reduce heart rate and promote better sleep.

What are the product specifications?

Size: 5” x 3.8” x 3.1” Weight: .73 pounds

What are the FEATURES and BENEFITS of WheeMe?

  • The WheeMe Massaging robot automatically and quietly steers itself over your body
  • Built in tilt sensor technology, will automatically back up and redirect motion
  • Palm sized robot
  • Three massage programs: Vibration, Relaxation, Dancing and rotating fingertip attachment
  • Wheel material is made from silicon-based rubber, molded into a special back gripping pattern
  • Two Colors available: White/Blue, Red/White
  • Operates on 3 x AA Batteries (1.5V) not included
  • Gently massages your body automatically, allowing you to lay back and relax. Watching TV on the sofa or just lying in bed. Just place WheeMe on your body and enjoy hours of pleasant relaxation and stress relief.
  • Keeps WheeMe on your body without falling off
  • Provides light weight, gentle massage
  • Allows you to customize your massage
  • Soft and soothing against your skin
  • Choose your favorite
  • Standard battery operation – easy to replace when needed
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